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Syntax to search for empty sub-folders in Parent folders

asked on July 11, 2019

I have a client who has a list of "A-Z" clients in their repository, and each client has sub-folders that they want to search to see if they are empty.  I saw this post on how to search the entire repository:

But is there a way to narrow the search so that it only searches for empty sub-folders?  For example, here is the repository structure:


\Root Folder-


\Smith, John-

(Sub-folders of the "Smith, John" client)= \Net Worth, \Financial Documents, \Tax With-holdings, ect


The clients wants to search the sub-folders of every client A-Z, but they do not want the empty parent folders returned:

\Net Worth, \Financial Documents, \Tax With-holdings


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replied on July 12, 2019

I found a workaround:


Here is the search syntax:


{LF:Name="*", Type="F"} & {LF:LOOKIN="Root Folder\Clients\S\Smith, John"} - {LF:ChildName="*"}


As you can see the path in quotes is what can be changed: (While keeping the quotes) "Root Folder\Clients\S\Smith, John"


You can even search multiple client folders at once: (In the below syntax you see that I am searching both the "Smith, John" folder, and the "Adams, Jane" folders at the same time; each separate folder has its own "LOOKIN" statement separated by a pipe | symbol)


{LF:Name="*", Type="F"} & ({LF:LOOKIN="Root Folder\Clients\S\Smith, John"} | {LF:LOOKIN="Root Folder\Clients\A\Adams, Jane"}) - {LF:ChildName="*"}


This would save even more time, because you could download an Excel report from Laserfiche, and copy the paths from the report into one long search query that only needs to be run once.

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replied on July 11, 2019

narrow the search so that it only searches for empty sub-folders

If a folder has a subfolder it's not empty.  The syntax in that thread already does what you want. 


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replied on July 12, 2019 Show version history

I should have clarified; when I say "empty folder"; I mean empty of documents, not empty of sub folders.  The original problem of finding sub-folders not containing documents without returning the parent folders that also do not contain documents remains.  

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