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Shortcut as starting entry for a workflow

asked on July 11, 2019

We are developing a Records Management system utilizing TRM.

I have a workflow to take a document placed in the user's taxonomy folder and sends it to the appropriate Records Management folder, leaving a shortcut in the original location.  Easy Peasy.

But, what if a user "misfiled" the document originally (i.e. put it into the wrong folder)?

They only have access to the shortcut, the RM folders are hidden from them,  but the record is visible via the shortcut. 

They can move the short cut to a new location in their folder structure, but this will not move the Record in it's RM structure.

My thought was, "That's when you call your Records Manager, narc on yourself and ask for help."

But ... that wasn't an acceptable solution for them, which means more work for me. (And there was much rejoicing).

So, I see where I can create a workflow starting rule that uses a Doc Type of "Shortcut" and that it was "moved".

But inside the workflow itself, if my starting entry is a shortcut, is the underlying document my actual starting entry?  

My confusion is because I see that if my starting entry is a document, I can use the "Retrieve Shortcuts" routine, but if my starting entry is a short cut, I don't see a corresponding "Retrieve Document" routine.


Basically, what I want this WF to do, is to take the underlying document from it's RM folder, and move it to where the short cut was just moved to, stripping it of any inherited field information from it's incorrect path, and then delete the short cut.

In this way, the document is left for the Original TRM workflow to pick up (since it's starting rule is "created" or "moved" and re-file in the new area, inheriting the appropriate field data and creating a new shortcut.

So the question is again, if the starting rule uses a "shortcut", is the starting entry the short cut or the underlying document?  And how do I get this rolling if it's the short cut?  (Change Starting Entry - is my guess, but I don't see how that would work.) 

(and yes, this doesn't address, "What if the record is already closed..." but I think I'm just going to have to push back on putting that onto the Records Manager to deal with.)



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replied on July 11, 2019 Show version history

In some cases you would want to act on the Shortcut itself, so I think the "Starting Entry" would be the shortcut, not the associated document.

However, you can use a Find Entry activity to get the underlying document, then either reference the result of Find Entry in your workflow activities, or use it to update the "Starting Entry"

(The former may make more sense since you need to reference the shortcut for the delete activity)

Add a Find Entry as the first step, set it to use the Starting Entry ID token, and check the box telling it to get the referenced document instead of the shortcut.

One thing to note is that if the Shortcut has the same name and you move the Document before deleting the shortcut, it will automatically rename the original with a (2) at the end.

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replied on July 11, 2019

Thank you Jason!  I’m away from my office right now but just reading your reply made a bunch of sense. 

I knew I was missing something!  Thank you again for filling in the blanks for me!  

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