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Direct Approval

asked on July 11, 2019

I've been looking at the help file but am looking for clarification on how Direct Approval works in Forms.

Here is how I am understanding it for an organization to set it up (or at least one way).

- Create an account/mailbox for Forms.

- Configure the notification service to use this account

- Configure the IMAP server to also use this mailbox/account.

- Can we set it up to just monitor the Inbox and not a specific folder (thus removing the need for outlook rules)?

- If so do we just leave the Inbox folder empty or use "Inbox"?


Just a little confused at how it actually works.




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replied on July 11, 2019

Hey Chris,

You can simply set it to monitor the root Inbox by specifying "Inbox". See below.

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replied on July 18, 2019

Thanks Sam,

We are having trouble trying to configure this for a client.  Do you have to use IMAP?  The client is on Exchange 2016 and we seem to have the IMAP4 information but its not working.  Should I start a support case?  I am not sure what Laserfiche requires.

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replied on July 18, 2019

Hey Chris,

IMAP4 connectivity is not enabled in Exchange by default. Please verify that IMAP4 is enabled and configured:

Microsoft: Enable and configure IMAP4 on an Exchange server

To my knowledge, Forms Email Approvals require IMAP.

If you're still having issues after verifying Exchange 2016 has IMAP4 enabled and are able to connect to the mailbox in question using a different IMAP client, please open a support case.

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replied on July 19, 2019

Thanks Sam, as far as I can tell it is configured on the server.  I have started a case.

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