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Delay in Retrieving documents

asked on June 27

One of our customers have reported long waiting times for retrieving documents. It is taking between 10-30 seconds in retrieving. 

Initially they were receiving the following error in the event logs:

"Login failed because the number of sessions has reached the licensed limit, or the
user account has reached its session limit, or no named user license has been allocated to the user account"

There should be a call to use 1, then 2, and so on, but we can see that 8 and 10 have been logged into while user accounts 5-7 and 9 have not.

There was a Laserfiche restart on Tuesday, since then there have been no more reports of this error, but there is still a delay in retrieving documents.

Findings suggest that SQL Server CPU usage is higher than normal, there were some locks present on the DB but these have since been removed, CPU usage is still too high.

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replied on June 27

Sounds like the server lost it's license. Confirm that the server is still licensed. The below two links should help you out. Check the activation log to see details of initial activation.

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