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Default Values not being applied

asked on June 27 Show version history


We are encountering inconsistencies with default values. We have a field where the default value is "No" which is fine when your scanning documents and creating documents within the Laserfiche Client application.


The field type is List with two values: No & Yes, with blank disabled so it isn't a value.


But anything external to the client (Laserfiche Office Integration and Quickfields) fails to populate the default value in the field and leaves it blank, even after the document has entered the Laserfiche Client application - which then causes inconsistencies with data and impacts the business.


Could field/template security be a factor or is this a potential bug?


LF Admin Console - Version:

LF Client - Version 10.4 (

Quickfields  - Version

LF Office Integration - Version



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replied on July 22

We are having similar issues with default values not being populated in 10.4.

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