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Exclude values in hidden tables from a field calculation

asked on June 26, 2019 Show version history

I've found answers to similar questions using SUMIFS, but not sure how to apply it to my case. Basically, I only want to include values from shown tables (not hidden tables) in a field calculation.

I have a form that allows the user to enter leave time based on days and/or hours. I have a checkboxes field, Vacation_DaysOrHours, with checkboxes for Days and Hours. Clicking on the Days checkbox shows the Leave_Days_Table table. Clicking on the Hours checkbox shows the Leave_Hours_Table table. I have a total Leave Hours field that calculates the sum of all hours entered in both tables. If a user enters hours in the Hours table, and then unchecks the Hours checkbox to hide it, I don't want those hours in the hidden table to be counted. 

The current calculation for the total "Leave Hours" field is as follows:


I tried the following with no success:

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replied on June 26, 2019

You're close, but SUMIF only works for comparing values in the table.

What you want is a standard IF

IF({condition},{true value},{false value})


Vacation_DaysOrHours.Hours should return TRUE if it is checked, and FALSE if not


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replied on June 27, 2019

Ok, I was overthinking it. Thanks, Jason, for setting me straight. wink

I got it to work using the following code (in case anyone else is curious):


Vacation_DaysOrHours is the checkboxes field with Days and Hours for the checkboxes.

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