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CMIS schema folder missing from installation folder

asked on June 26

In the beta documentation update for CMIS that was available in the Empower VM, the following was noted regarding WSDL: 

"The schemas that the Laserfiche CMIS Gateway uses for the Web Services binding are in the subfolder Schema in the CMIS Gateway installation directory (by default, this is C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\CMIS Gateway). CMIS-Messaging-Extended.xsd defines messages for the binding, including error messages. CMIS-Core-Extended.xsd defines the core object types. The parameters used in Laserfiche's extensions to the CMIS specification are defined in Laserfiche-CMIS-Extension.xsd."

I've performed a complete install of the CMIS Gateway and searched the Program Files\Laserfiche\CMIS Gateway directory and there is neither a "schema" folder nor any files with the .xsd extension.  

I even pulled down a fresh copy of 10.2 SDK and performed a re-install to ensure I didn't have a bad install.  What am I missing?


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replied on June 27

Hi Damon,

The Laserfiche CMIS Gateway Version that is included with SDK 10.2 only supports the Browser and Atom bindings. The files you're referencing are for the "Web Services" WSDL/SOAP binding, which is not in the current release version. 

We recommend using the more modern, lighterweight, and higher performance RESTful Browser binding for CMIS projects unless there's a compelling factor that precludes its use. Do you need the Web Services/WSDL binding for a specific case or is this a general inquiry?

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replied on June 28

General inquiry.  We're just getting familiar with the gateway, and the documentation referenced it, so we assumed it was there and we were just missing something.  So... while I know that doco was "beta", it made us think there would be (or would be forthcoming) a Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) binding... is there, or was that dropped from the plans?

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replied on June 28

Gotcha. My understanding is that the CMIS Gateway in the next SDK release will include support for the Web Services binding. I don't personally know what that release timeline is though.

In the meantime, here's a general CMIS resource I've found useful on a few projects.

The Performance section (#13) is worth reading.

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