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Feature Request: Better Forms Report Date Filtering

posted on June 25, 2019 Show version history


I'm attempting to build reports for a new process and, unfortunately, I'm finding that there's no way to meet our needs with the existing filter options.

Adding End Date as a filter is, in our opinion, critical because in most cases we need to view data based on when the processes were completed, not when they started.

I was going to try using a field variable filter as a workaround, but those only work with static dates; having the ability to filter variable fields based on "Today" or "Yesterday" rather than a static date would be incredibly useful.


To provide an example of our use case, we have submissions coming in each day that require payment (using our own Authorize.Net implementation).

The customer is not charged until the submissions have been reviewed, which may be more than a day after the process started, and this is the important date for reporting.


What our managers/supervisors and Fiscal staff need is the ability to get daily reports for balancing; this would include the submissions and amounts approved by each employee for the current day.

If I do a summarized report, I can group by completed date, but I can't sort newest-to-oldest, which is another feature that would make the reports a lot more user friendly.

Also, if I go that route I depend on the drilldown for the actual data, which is not available in the email attachment.


I apologize for sounding frustrated, but it is becoming more and more frequent that we build new Forms processes and can't find a way to build useful reports.

We are moving many of our business critical processes into Forms, and more often than not I end up having to dump data to an external database and build reports entirely outside of Forms.

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replied on March 1 Show version history

We need dynamic filtering based on current-date in LF Forms Reporting as well. We want to brag about how many Forms Submissions we had in the last month. Not only do I have to manually update the date filters but I also can't export the data to Excel. Export options are only images. So for 60+ production forms I have to manually add up the submissions for the month. I know we could hack this info out of Forms SQL but we shouldn't have to.

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replied on October 3, 2023

Bumping, as this is also critical for our needs.

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replied on May 4, 2023

We definitely need the ability to filter by end date i.e. a report tally of all the completed submissions on the previous day that may need a review or something else that can be emailed on a schedule daily. This is a must-have not sure why it's not available at this time...

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replied on July 9, 2020

We are using a workflow to insert form data into a custom table then creating our own reports using other tools. Much more flexible than LF Reports.

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replied on June 16, 2020

Can't believe laserfiche has not said anything about the end date issue. At least a workaround would be helpful.

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replied on June 25, 2019

100% agree, without this it makes much of the automated reports not nearly as useful as they could be.

I would love to be able to get a weekly digest of submissions/report data by choosing Today, Yesterday, Last week, Last month etc using the internal reporting system.

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replied on June 25, 2019

As a workaround, I created a scheduled task that directly modifies the report filter in the database each day.

Not ideal at all, but it is the only way I can see to have a date variable filtered by "today" without using an external database.

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replied on January 14, 2021

Also could use a Last 30 days option as opposed to last month.

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replied on June 18

Still looking for this feature.

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