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Any chance of being able to do builds of the WebLink Angular app?

posted on June 11 Show version history

I'm out in the weeds here, so don't pay any attention to me. Also, DO NOT ATTEMPT WHAT THIS POST DESCRIBES! It's definitely not supported. cheeky

There's a lot that we can customize in WebLink using the Designer. There's also a ton that can be done by sprinkling in come custom javascript and CSS in the MVC app. However, the Angular app is a bit opaque.

Obviously, at some point, the customization can start to break the ability to use the Designer, or break the whole app. It would be nice, though, to have just a little deeper ability to customize some of the high level components.

In my case, I wanted to trim the Link Group list down to only the document links and change the header to make more sense.

The only way to do that reliably was to directly modify the template string in app.bundle.js.

The caveat here is that this will break if Laserfiche provides updated files. There's also a lot that can go wrong. In this case, I only modified read-only fields.

I just wanted to throw out the kind of use case I have in mind and maybe get Laserfiche thinking about some way to provide added customization, hopefully without actually needing to do a build.

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replied on June 17

Thanks for the feedback.  We probably won't ship the whole build process - expecting people to run an Angular build is a pretty high bar.  We do want to encourage customization where possible, so we'll need to come up with some hooks for injecting your code.

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replied on June 17 Show version history

Thank you for taking the time. I'm on board with whatever you folks come up with. If it helps, I'm happy to share more about the specific customization that I've done to this particular instance.

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