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Laserfiche Cloud / Forms / Repository User for Public forms (NOT Public Portal)

asked on June 11, 2019

Situation: client has LF Cloud and we have designed a number of forms to feed into specific folders and templates in the REPO.


Other templates work FINE, but the one in question for HR has been locked down, and when we try and post the form, the process gets SUSPENDED, and the error log reads


In the repo itself, I have explicitly granted ProcessAutomationUser read/write access to the template and the necessary fields, Then, from the BusinessProcess itself, I have removed any extemporaneous fields.

There are NO required fields in this template.


So this form in question is displayed to the public, where they can access it freely to submit applications.  When the FORMS process creates the folder, I see the audit log indicates that FORMS is the creator.  But I cannot find any FORMS user to set template-level permissions to.


(The documentation REALLY needs to catch up to the product, especially since LF seems to be merging FORMS and BusinessProcess in the cloud )


Thanks for any assistance.


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replied on June 11, 2019

Ok, following up on this just to hopefully save anyone the hours I have wasted on this.


(* And this is documented NO WHERE )


" Forms uses the application principal itself. The rights for this application principal can only be configured under the Everyone trustee. We understand the problem this causes when users try to secure the repository and limit what access the Everyone trustee has. Bug 158479 has been filed for this matter, but the current workaround is to allow the Everyone trustee access to the field "


So the client is going to pretty upset when I tell them the HR template (that people should NOT be able to see), needs to be set to everyone.


It was mentioned that the upcoming merge of FORMS and BUSINESS PROCESS should resolve this, but

1 - I will believe it when I see it

2 - telling the client "there is no timeline for a bug fix or for the FORMS/BP merge" is NOT a confidence builder for their CIO / Compliance Officer.





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