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I'm working on a project that will transition certain activities that utilize Laserfiche Connector from the Desktop Client over to the Web Client and I'm finding the lack of a "currently open Laserfiche document" option for the Web Client to be somewhat of a sticking point.

I figure it may be a challenge to detect that a document is open in the web client, but given that Connector can detect if an application is open, I'm hoping that maybe somewhere down the line it may be able to detect that the DocView.aspx page is open in a browser.

The client window will be embedded in a Laserfiche form, which may complicate things further, so in the meantime my workaround is to use the Search option since I already have the Entry Id available in a hidden field on the form.

However, the need to confirm metadata updates on the search results adds an extra step that the users dislike compared to the simplicity of updating a currently open document in the desktop client.

So, since I haven't found an obvious way to suppress the "confirmation" my request would be that an option be added to update a specific entry in the Web Client based on an Entry Id extracted from another application/token.

Basically, instead of running an Entry Id search with advanced syntax and having to confirm the results, I'd like a way to just have one of the tokens be used as the Entry Id so one specific document can be updated directly.

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