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Feature request for Quick Fields Agent Admin console

posted on May 15, 2019

Please add something to the Quick Fields admin (either the MMC module or web admin) that shows whether or not a session has un-processed pages.

I just spent a few days troubleshooting a Quick Fields session that was seemingly "eating" a bunch of entries but not digesting them. We recently tried turning on OCR as a post-processing step for one of our busiest sessions, which caused it to (I'm guessing here) hang up longer than the server's "Inactivity Timeout" was expecting. In the span of about 2 days, we were missing about 8,600+ pages of scanned content that the session had taken in, moved to our "Processed" location, but hadn't actually run any activities on. I had to open the session, hit the "play" button, and only then did it inform me it had over 8,600 pages that it hadn't processed yet.

As far as I can tell, there's no way to know whether a session has "claimed but not processed" any documents from the Quick Fields Agent Admin console, and I still can't find any record of the session being terminated (other than finding a bunch of entries that were saved to the wrong folders because the instance that provides the path via Token Collector was timed-out; leaving the token blank when the next instance tried to pick up where it left off).

Really, I've got a few bones to pick with Quick Fields (like how a terminated session as described above doesn't create any useful errors for the log), but chief among them is not being able to know that a session has claimed a bunch of entries and not processed them. If the QF Agent admin console could show a column of "pages waiting to process" or "pages waiting to store" or at least a flag for "has un-processed pages", then the admin console would become infinitely more useful for troubleshooting as well as for monitoring large-volume sessions. This is especially critical since there's no way to schedule a session to "process un-processed entries" the way the sessions can be told to "Process and store documents," "Process documents," or "Store existing documents."

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replied on May 16, 2019

Hi Steven, 

Thanks for your post - we sincerely appreciate your honest feedback on this, and I'm sorry to hear that Quick Fields has led to such a frustrating experience. I'm going to take your comments back to the development team and see what we can come up with. 

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