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Using GD&T font in a form

asked on May 15, 2019


We are trying to design a form that will replace all our Inspection Documents.  Although I have been able to set the fonts on the form itself to display as GD&T, and the drop down query results also can display GD&T font, I cannot configure fields to use the GD&T font.


In the example below, under Vendor*, are examples of GD&T characters.  We are trying to set certain fields to be able to display those characters as they type.


Any suggestions?


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replied on May 16, 2019

This is the CSS to set the field input value font

#q1 input {font-family:"Times New Roman";}

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replied on May 17, 2019 Show version history

Thank you.

How would I apply that to just a single column in a table?



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