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Hyperlink using Custom HTML

asked on May 15, 2019

I have added hyperlink to one of my forms using the custom html field. The link refers to a custom search in the repository. The issue we are seeing, this is very minor but has been complained about often, is that the when clicked the link does nothing. Users need to hold ctrl and click the link to activate the link. Is there something I am doing wrong in configuring the hyperlink? Or is this a result of browser related behavior such as pop-blocker settings, etc.?

Here is the link and what it points to.

Here is the html used to create the link


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replied on May 15, 2019

You should have a target attribute (target="_blank" will open in a new tab).

In Chrome and IE, Ctrl+click on a link just forces the link to open in a new tab, so it is very possible these things are related.

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