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meeting sign-in sheet

asked on May 15, 2019

Good morning,

I am new to creating forms.  I am wondering if anyone has ever created a form to register employees/co-workers for meetings? 

I am currently on Forms 10.  The information would be based on the employee number, which is already logged in the SQL database and linking several WF & QF processes in Laserfiche. 

They would need to sign in, and then the form would need to be exported to an excel spreadsheet to 1 manager.

I have attached the paper version that I am trying to make digital.  I know this can be done, I just need a little push! :-)

I am just struggling on where to start.

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replied on September 30, 2019 Show version history

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick and straightforward way to achieve your request, but it is definitely possible with some creative workflows and perhaps a little bit of Javascript in Forms.

Are you wanting a single form that can list all the employees?  In that case, I'd recommend working from a form in LFForms that uses a table, with lookups to get the employee ID and name (based on something they select).

Or are you wanting each employee to be able to submit a single form and have those combined?  If so, I recommend also doing a lookup to auto-populate the employee ID and name (based on their Laserfiche user or laserfiche email if you have that in your employee database), maybe also have a database lookup that let's them select the specific meeting (maybe filtered by current date).  After submitting the form, your Forms process would open a workflow, that copies the values from forms into a database.  Then you just need something to tell your system (maybe another form that triggers another workflow) to say that the meeting is complete and to query the database for the values and populate the sheet.  Another idea for that second part is something I do a lot with custom database tables - I made a form in LFForms that is basically a report - based on user selection, it populates a table with the contents of a database, and then the user can view or export (with some Javascript) the values from that search.

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