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Is there a way to auto-logout a user after a form submission?

asked on April 15 Show version history

I have a client with whom I am currently working on a Forms based home-care nursing process, and one of their requirements is to have the/a Laserfiche application automatically log them out of Forms after they have submitted their nursing form.

Has anyone done something like this, or does anyone have any ideas for me to pursue in the possibility of fulfilling this requirement?

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replied on April 15 Show version history

Open the properties of the Message Start Event, and on the "On Event Completion" tab select "Redirect to website" and use the following URL format:


You won't get a "thank you" page, but the only other way to force log off (as far as I know) would be to open it in a new window.

You could put JavaScript on the thank you page to log out with a timer, but if they close it before it executes they wouldn't get logged out.

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replied on May 21


Thank you very much. This worked great and it's a simple solution to use to meet the client's needs.

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