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Customising Quick Search Results

asked on April 14

I have recently migrated a clients Laserfiche avante 10.1 to a new server, they have quite a few quick searches set up in the LF client.

The results they are getting from the quick searches are more extensive than their previous quick search results, they want the search results to be exactly the same for advanced search and quick search, is there something i can do to reduce the results in quick search ?

This is the advanced search

this is the quick search 

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replied on April 15 Show version history

The Advanced search will always have more granular control over what is returned.  In your examples above, the Quick search is only searching by name across all fields.  The Advanced search is searching by template with a specified name in Client Name field and a specified year in the Year field.


Rather than using the Quick search, try teaching them how to Save/Load advanced searches.

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replied on April 15

Are your saved quick search and your advanced search EXACTLY the same but returning different results?  Do you have fuzzy search enabled in one and not the other.

You have two quick searches enabled in your screenshot.  Could that account for the difference?

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replied on April 15

You nailed it for me Erik, i removed that field search and the results are the same as the advanced search, can't believe i missed that.

thank you

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