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Entry Listing Event Failure

asked on April 12

Under what circumstances would an "Entry Listing" failure event be logged by Advanced Audit Trail?  What would constitute a failure for this event? TIA

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replied on April 15

Under normal operation, it wouldn't fail.  But just about any operation can fail due to a problem with the SQL server (e.g. disk is full or operation times out).  And while none of our applications will attempt to get a listing for a folder the user doesn't have rights to, that's possible for an integration to trigger.

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replied on April 15

Thanks muchly :)

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replied on April 15

Hi Jason,

You can find more details on this here.

Relevant text:

View Content Browse Entry

Tracks when an entry is displayed in the repository. This event is called Entry Listing in the Administration Console

Note: This audit event will log every time a user browses to a document, even if they do not open it. For instance, if a user opens a folder, this event will log every document that they can see in that folder, and if they perform a search, it will log every event in that search, even if they do not open any of the documents. Since this will result in a huge volume of logged events and very large audit logs, we recommend only enabling this option if your compliance policy requires you to do so.


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