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lookup a repository folder

asked on April 12

I am in the process of setting up a Business Process in Forms (10.3) for creating additional folders and documents within a existing repository folder. The user needs to input the application number and property address so I can tell workflow later where to create the subsequent folders/documents.

Can we connect the Laserfiche repository database as a datasource so the user do not accidentally create more folders? I was thinking doing a lookup of the repository folders and the user selecting the correct one. Is this possible? do you have any other suggestions on how to achieve this?

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replied on April 15

The list can be refined to only include folders with use of the fe_inherit_id field.    fe_inherit_id = 1 for folders and NULL for images/documents.  

Note that I have only done brief testing with this.

SELECT   name
FROM     dbo.toc
WHERE    parentid = 18 and fe_inherit_id = 1



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replied on April 14

Hi Andrea,

If you set the repository as a datasource and create a view using the following SQL:

SELECT        name
FROM            dbo.toc
WHERE        (parentid = 7)

(substituting the "7" for the correct entry id for the parent folder of the folders you are creating)

This will allow you to select name in a lookup and as long as there are no documents in the parent folder, will give you a list of current folder names.




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replied on April 16

Thank you for your reply Ian, I am new to lookup rules and SQL. When you said create a view, is this done on SQL Management Studio? If it is, I don't have access to this so it's there another way to do it?

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replied on April 17

It would be possible to use a Custom Query activity in workflow (called from the Forms process) to return the folders using the view query, then return the results back to a Forms variable and then use some javascript to get the names into a drop-down.  That's a little convoluted though.


If you don't have access to SQL Management Studio to create the views, an alternative would be to ask for the view to be created by someone who administers the database.

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replied on April 17

I found this to be an interesting scenario so I have done some further testing.  The idea being to use the SQL view in a Dynamic field in a template.  It does work, but it is limited to one folder level, and it would be very difficult to have cascading dynamic fields that enabled the selection of sub-folders.

You will need SQL Management Studio if you intend using SQL tables and views, unless you can get someone else to create them for you.  If you intend creating lookups for template fields or creating workflows that access SQL then I highly recommend that you get access to it.

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