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Can you use a Dell Isilon as a Repository Volume Storage?

asked on April 9, 2019

We have a client that is moving from a NAS to a Dell Isilon as the location of the Laserfiche Volumes.  Does anyone know if this will work or if there are any precautions or concerns to be had with this?


Thank you very much for any feedback.

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replied on April 9, 2019

We started using Dell flash storage for over 25TB worth of volume data over a year ago and it works well for our repository. We use UNC paths for the volumes and have not had any issues.

I don't think we changed anything at all on the Laserfiche side when we moved over to the flash storage, we just migrated the data and kept the same paths.

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replied on October 13, 2022

I'd be curious to hear an official response from Laserfiche on this topic as I have a client experiencing some odd issues that is using Dell Isilon as storage, and from what I'm reading that's a distributed file system. I'd like to either eliminate the storage as the cause if possible.

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