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We are having issues where our Full Text Index was showing with an Unknown status in the Administration Console and in the Windows Event Viewer we had Event 32937 - Invalid catalog status for the operation for the search catalog REPOSITORY NAME.  

We are storing our Volumes and Search index files on a DFS file share for data redundancy purposes.  It turns out that because the Search Index files are locked by Laserfiche they cannot replicate via DFSR and it causes a problem and causes Indexing to fail.

We have considered moving the Search Index files to the local Laserfiche Servers, but wonder what we would need to do in order to fail over to our hot site if necessary.  Would we need to create a new index on our backup server when it is brought online?  Another option is to possibly consider moving the search catalog files to a different share and have it replicated via block mode.

I'm curious as to how others are handling this in their environments.


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