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SAP integration

asked on March 18, 2019

I am looking for information about LF integration with SAP A1. Hope any body and share information on this. Thank you.

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replied on May 31, 2019

What are you looking to do with SAP A1 and Laserfiche? SAP includes a broad set of tools and subsidiary components. As such, there are a few options to integrate with SAP.

1. We offer a certified integration with SAP ArchiveLink that will archive your SAP content, in this case stored in A1 Hana, to a Laserfiche repository to free up the precious SAP storage.

2. Through a PDP partner, there is a certified integration with SAP to synchronize metadata and content using Laserfiche Workflow.

3. Many customers use web services in Laserfiche Workflow to synchronize data between Laserfiche and SAP. 

4. Laserfiche Connector can be used to search for content in Laserfiche from the SAP interface. I recommend testing the scenarios are accurately catching the required information in this case. 

5. Many customers have opted to build a custom integration using our SDK. 

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replied on July 1, 2019

Hello Catherine,

LF Connector does not work with SAP GUI. Would it be possible for me to contact customers that are using web services to integration with SAP (items 3 and 5 above)? 


Thank you



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replied on July 1, 2019

Hi Khanh,


I'll see if we can arrange for contact. It is probably best to also bring your Laserfiche Solution Provider into the conversation, so I'll reach out to them as well.

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replied on July 1, 2019

Thank you

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replied on February 18, 2020

Hello Khanh Doan,

I am interested in the outcome of your meeting with the other customers regarding items 3 and 5 from above. 

I understand this was posted back in July, so I was wondering if you ever made contact with other customers.

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replied on February 19, 2020 Show version history

Hi Sal;

No - no one has reach out to us. 

What we are working on integration is:

  1. piloting a custom ABAP program to extract attachments from SAP (done),
  2. import attachments by using import agent/workflow passing the URLs back to SAP (done)
  3. replacing the attachments with URL links to Laserfiche (our ABAP programmer is currently writing the program for this step.)


I will share the results when we succeed.


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replied on February 19, 2020

Hello Khanh,


Yes that would be great. We need a similar set up we already have the Archivelink connected but does not really do anything outside of that. So we are looking for something with more integration. Please let me know when you have a moment to maybe set up a call.


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replied on May 30, 2019

Really disappointed that there's not a lot of input from the LF support team to provide feedback for a lot of these inquiries. indecision

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replied on October 3, 2022

Hi, we are looking for options to integrate LAserfiche Cloud with SAP Cloud.

Can anyone give us some options and advice?  Many thanks! 

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replied on October 10, 2022

Hi Chris, I sent you email with more information regarding some options. If anyone else would like additional information about a solution under development for SAP, please let me know what email I can send it to. 

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replied on November 22, 2022 Show version history

Hello Ian, I'm looking for information/support with SAP-Laserfiche Cloud integration. I have a customer interested on LF, but he needs to be sure if LF is capable of to read/write on SAP.

Is it posible to do this through an ABAP or using SAP Data Services? Or if you have other information/experience, please let me know.

My email:

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replied on December 5, 2022

Hi Marcelo, I've emailed you additional information about our upcoming releases that will provide more integration options between Laserfiche Cloud and SAP.

ABAP can be used to make outbound calls to the Laserfiche API (for both Cloud and Self-hosted) to import files to Laserfiche or extract files or metadata from Laserfiche. For SAP Data Services, the same option to interface with the Laserfiche API is possible. Please review the SAP Documentation below and our Laserfiche API information. 

SAP Data Services REST Call:
Laserfiche API Overview:

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replied on January 19, 2023 Show version history

Hi Ian,  Please provide me more information for SAP integration with LF ArchiveLink for that include SAP Business One as well.  Right?  Thanks

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