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Save All Comments from Forms Process

asked on March 13

We have a customer who wants all comments from a Forms process to be saved into a document so they can view them all at once. Is there a way to do this (or something similar?) I've been brainstorming some ideas such as involving a workflow invoked after every review task with the Word Document workflow activity, but I'm not sure if that would even work for this. Or saving each review task form to the repository with the comments as a metadata field, then having a workflow somehow combine the field values into a Word doc then delete the documents. Is there a simpler way to handle this?


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replied on March 13

Personally, I find the built-in comments field to be a bit limited. Most of the time I hid it completely and add my own so I can create different variables for different forms/tasks.

With that, I could create a separate form layout that only includes those comment fields and save that to the repository to accomplish what you're describing.

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