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file name lower to upper case

asked on February 28, 2019

I'm new to pattern matching.  I have a folder that contain numerous records.  Some have names in upper case, some in lower case.  We'd like all the filenames to be uppercase.  

The filenames look like this:

SR_A_G_Woodside Dr 126 STE G-H


I know I need to only change the bolded area - what comes after the "SR_A_G_" All the files have this in the name.  And I need it to stop checking when it comes to the second {space} - the one right before the number character.


Can anyone help me figure out the syntax for this?  Or point me to some tutorials?



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replied on February 28, 2019

Using a "Assign Token Values" tool, I was able to get what you are needing by using the below RegEx

\w+_(.*) \d+

Then you can add the "To Lower" and "To Title" functions in the assign token tool.

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replied on March 8, 2019

Thank you,

I was able to figure it out successfully!

UpperCase 2019-03-08 16_59_14-Window.png
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