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Implementation Tips and Tricks

posted on February 21, 2019

During the Education User Group at the recent Empower conference, you had a lot of topics you wanted to discuss. You can connect with each other and continue the conversation here. Feel free to add your own questions!

Implementation Tips and Tricks

  • How did you get started with Laserfiche? Which departments did you start off with?
  • How are you getting leadership buy-in for Laserfiche projects? How about staff buy-in?
  • What was your biggest lesson learned in the process?
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replied on March 8, 2019

And I'm definitely still learning. Over the last two weeks, I've changed my workflow processes for naming and filing documents and folders of students and staff members. 


Using a convention of LAST, FIRST MIDDLE SUFFIX in a single activity sometimes left extra spaces when one or more of those components didn't exist. I now use conditional decision trees that account for



The workflow below retrieves an employee's ID number from a field value in their Benefits folder, queries our employee database, retrieves up to date information, replaces any old information in the folder's fields, and renames the employee's folder if a name change has occurred. The Route Based on Result Count conditional decision accounts for some data entry errors and sends an email to me when an ID number is not found in our database.



The conditional decision tree below renames W-4 forms coming on from our 'in build' Forms-based new employee orientation process based on field values attached to the document and then routes the forms to a subfolder of the employee's Payroll folder in our repository. 


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replied on February 21, 2019

I know @████████'s got some good insights here from his whole Empower presentation on implementation tips and tricks :)

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