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Feature Request: Names for Custom HTML Objects

posted on February 17, 2019


This is not a huge issue, but I think it would make things a little cleaner if we could assign names to our Custom HTML elements in Forms.

The main reason for this is that in the Field Rules it simply shows the HTML and when you have many similar elements it can become confusing.

I think assigning a name that would appear in the drop down instead of just the raw HTML would be a nice quality-of-life enhancement when working on highly-customized forms.

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replied on May 16, 2019

Hi Jason,

I was looking for a solution for exactly the same issue (form with more than 10 Custom HTML objects with similar HTML "beginning" which was confusing for adding a Field rule).

I found a "temporary fix", by adding an hidden text at the beginning of the HTML code. Not optimal at all, but it enables you to identify the Custom HTML you are looking for in the drop down list.

Hopefully in the future, we will have the option to rename it.

Field rule.PNG
Field rule.PNG (21.54 KB)
HTML code.PNG (41.01 KB)
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replied on May 16, 2019

Yea, sometimes I just add a name attribute or something else like that to make things easier. I'd just like to see built-in options.

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replied on March 11, 2019

Thanks for the feature idea. I've included this idea in our Forms feature ingestion portal for review.

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