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How can you access Office 365 Sharepoint SQL Tables for Laserfiche conversion?

asked on February 14, 2019

Customer is currently utilizing MS SharePoint thru Office 365 for all their document storage and retrieval.

What is the best method to view the SQL Tables in MS SharePoint in Office 365?  We need to view these

SharePoint documents in an effort to convert them to Laserfiche documents.


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replied on February 14, 2019

You won't be able to directly access the underlying database for SharePoint Online. You can programmatically access the documents using Microsoft Graph.

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replied on January 24, 2020

Hi Devin, have you ever tried this yourself to access Sharepoint files? Any Success?

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replied on January 29, 2020

I have, against a test account. I don't have a real Office 365 tenant to play with. You just need to be connecting with a user who has access to the target objects. There's a lot of nuance to some of the APIs, but it's fairly straightforward. Some of the APIs are also compatible with on-prem versions as well.

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