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Trying to create an Offer Letter via a matrix... has anyone ever done this?

asked on February 14, 2019

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to create an Offer Letter based on Questions answered within a matrix.  The matrix would be structured as follows:

  • Based on the Type of Employee (Student & Non-Student)
  • Appointment Type (New Hire, Rehire, Hire with Employment Requirements & Hire Without Employment Requirements)
  • Yes / No answers


There would be blocks of text that would be included based on the answer.  

Has anyone created something like this or know where I could start?  I am new to Laserfiche.


Thank you.


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replied on February 14, 2019

We've done something like this. The canned text is stored in a database. Although, you can probably hardcode the text into the workflow, if you're limited in what you can do. Workflow parses through the responses and uses the Update Word Document activity to inject the relevant text.

Also, 10.4 adds the ability for Forms and Workflow to accept rich text.

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replied on February 14, 2019

We have done something similar as well.  I have created multiple offer letters (i.e. part time, full time and temporary) in Word with merge fields.  A workflow determines the job type and merges the info into the appropriate Word template.  Below is an excellent document on using the Update Word Document activity.

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