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Announcing the release of Laserfiche 10.4!

posted on February 11, 2019 Show version history

Laserfiche is pleased to announce the general availability release of Laserfiche 10.4! This on-premises release includes updates to the Laserfiche Directory Server, Windows client, web client, Forms, Laserfiche app, and Workflow. 

Key highlights include new functionalities to:

  • Use Laserfiche Directory Server as part of Laserfiche Avante systems

  • Flexibly manage records and automate records-related activities, allowing organizations to work with records in the way that best fits their needs

  • Add a map location to entries in Laserfiche to view and search for on location, including the initial beta release of Esri support

  • Easily migrate Forms processes from one environment to another

  • More intuitively navigate and complete actions in the web client, and preview Microsoft Office documents in-browser without Office Online

  • Include rich text format fields in Forms submissions

  • Run searches across Windows network drives or Google Drive in Laserfiche Federated Search


Download Laserfiche 10.4 using the links below:


Check out Laserfiche 10.4 resources:

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replied on February 19, 2019

Are Capture Profiles going to be coming to the standard Laserfiche Workflow as well? If so is there any ETA on that?

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replied on February 22, 2019

Hi Valerie,

Yes, we do have plans to make capture profiles available for on-premises customers. Unfortunately I don't have an ETA I can provide at this time. 

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