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Export reason required for emailing .lfe shortcut

asked on February 11

Hi all,

One of our clients has been looking at implementing the Audit Reasons option you get with Advanced Audit Trail. They want their staff to provide a reason for exporting documents from the system.

When this option is set and they send a document as an attachment on an email, a reason is required for exporting from the system - which is expecting as a document is leaving Laserfiche. However if you change the attachment type on the email to "Windows client links(LFE)" it still requires a reason, which I wouldn't expect as there's no data leaving the system.

Is this expected and is there a reason for this?

Many thanks!


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replied on February 11 Show version history

My thoughts are that the system is requesting "Reason for this action" soley on the premis of something being exported to email. I do not feel this has any notion of the suttle differences of a link, direct copy of document or LFE. I would be curious to know if you simply drag and drop a document from Laserfiche to your desktop, will you receive the same "Reason for this action" prompt? If not, I would assume my hypothesis for the notification to be accurate. I would check with Laserfiche developers to be sure though.

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