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Advanced Search Syntax - Or command

asked on February 7

Hi All,


I've noticed something strange with the search syntax. I want to perform a search in a document type field, for everything except for 'Email' or 'Invoice'. So the search command is this in my testing:-


{[]:[Document Type]="*"}-{[]:[Document Type]="Email"}|{[]:[Document Type]="Invoice"}


However , this gives me everything except for Emails. It seems the 'or' pipe command is being ignored as I still get 'Invoice' in my search results.


Is this a bug, or am I missing something here?


LF Client




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replied on February 7

This search reads "every doc but Email" OR "invoice docs". If you need it to say "everything but email or invoice" you need parentheses around the 2 document type conditions so they're both excluded.

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replied on February 7

Hi Miruna,


Thanks, changing it to the following has worked.


{[]:[Document Type]="*"}-({[]:[Document Type]="Email"}|{[]:[Document Type]="Invoice"})


See easy when you know! wink

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