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Two-Factor Authentication with Laserfiche Login

asked on February 7


One of ourclients have MFA enabled for when the user login outside corporate network. MFA is not required within the Company network.


May I know how the Laserfiche Web App and Mobile App will behave in this scenario?

Does MobileApp or Web access will ask for the MFA confirmation when it is enabled?

Thank you.

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replied on February 8

Hi Naim, We heard this request at Empower from others and are considering it for our roadmap. Can you tell me any more about the process the customer is using? Are they using SSO?

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replied on February 9 Show version history

We are looking to do something similar. We are currently using SSO and looking at setting up AD FS for MFA.

Based on some other posts I've read it seems like it should already be possible for SSO now that LFDS has AD FS support.


However, we do have some external users that have LFDS accounts instead of AD accounts so an internal MFA mechanism would be very useful, especially with the secure file sharing portal on the horizon wink

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