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How do I find a specific form submission on my Forms database?

asked on January 15, 2019

Hello,  I am trying to pinpoint a specific forms instance in the Forms database. I have all the access I need I just don't know which table the data is saved too. Anything as far as giving me the unique identifier for that instance would help.

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replied on January 15, 2019

There is a lot of data involved in each submission of a form. Can you clarify which data you are looking for?

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replied on January 16, 2019

There is a column of data called "member_path" that I am trying to correlate to the form submission. For our system, that field is being used as the criteria on a query I was given by Laserfiche support to find an delete some "bad data". So, I am trying to find which submission each of the "bad data" represents so I can track down the creator of the "bad data". 

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replied on January 16, 2019 Show version history

Hi Lawrence,

Do you which table the "member_path" column is in?

If "member_path" value is the same as found in dbo.cf_bp_data then the below may help...


I have used the following SQL query to pair forms instances to their respective field values so I could generate some reporting data. Please cross-reference the values returned against Laserfiche Forms as we used it during testing in a development environment.

I believe the status = 2 was for completed forms only.

SELECT        Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.bp_name, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.bp_instance_id, 
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_submissions.submission_id, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.status, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data.attribute_id, 
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_fields.label, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data.value, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data.member_path, Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.process_id
FROM            Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data INNER JOIN
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_fields ON Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data.attribute_id = Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_fields.attribute_id INNER JOIN
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_submissions ON Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_submissions.submission_id = Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_data.submission_id INNER JOIN
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances ON 
                         Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.bp_instance_id = Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_submissions.bp_instance_id
WHERE        (Laserfiche_Forms.dbo.cf_bp_main_instances.status = 2)




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replied on January 16, 2019

Yea cf.bp_data is the table I was referring to. I will give that query a try to see if it gives me what I need. It seems to be what I need from first glance. I will update this thread with news. 



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replied on January 16, 2019

UPDATE:  Using the above query I was able to locate the instances within the Forms Monitor page. I am now on my way to a solution for our "bad data"

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