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iPhone's running LF App are going haywire after an automated app store update

asked on January 10 Show version history

iPhone's automatically updated to the 10.4.1 for the LF App and we get the following 2 problems on many iPhones out in the field. I could instantly reproduce on my personal iPhone.

Tried reinstalling, restarting the OS, no luck. We can't seem to roll back to 10.3

Everytime you lose focus on the app and return to focusing on the app (primary window or apple's version of alt-tab) the app refreshes and starts at the beginning, losing anything you might have been working on.

The app closes at random intervals in around 10-20 seconds of use. It tries to show a window about a bug report but even that closes before you can read it.

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replied on January 10

Please open a case with Tech Support.

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replied on January 11

Hi Chad

It is highly recommended that those organizations using the LF Mobile App set their devices to not auto update to give them some means of testing the new updates in their IT department before getting users to update in the field.

As you pointed out, the user cannot roll back the app on the device as the store only contains the latest version once LF pushes it out

Unfortunately there is no mobile device management built into the Mobile Server to control versions on the device or to push updates to provide some level of conformity for those organizations using the mobile app. 

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