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Forms - How do you see what did not pass validation?

posted on January 10

When you get this error in forms, how do you know what doesn't meet the validation criteria and what the criteria is?

It says to try again later, but if the data entered does not meet the criteria, they will just get the same error again.

Message: Exception of type 'Laserfiche.Forms.CommonUtils.FormsValidation.FieldValidators.ValidatorErrorException' was thrown.
   at Laserfiche.Forms.CommonUtils.FormsValidation.FormValidator.FormValidator`1.Validate()
   at E_Forms.Models.ViewModels.Form.Submit.ValidateForm(HttpRequestBase request, cf_forms form, Dictionary`2 Lookupdata, FormDataSet formdata, Dictionary`2 FieldsToIgnore, NameValueCollection formFields)
   at E_Forms.Models.ViewModels.Form.Submit.RetrieveDataFromForm(HttpRequestBase request, FormDataSet formdata, Boolean SaveAll)
   at E_Forms.Controllers.FormController.Submit(FormCollection collection)

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replied on January 13

This is unexpected error, it should be bug in Forms, can you please open a support case with your process? Normally, if some field value entered do not pass the validation, it will show the field name and the position as following:

And a workaround is to change the backend validation level to no validation.

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