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Can workflow determine effective access rights?

asked on January 10


Is there a way for Workflow to run a task equivalent to the "Entry Effective Access Rights Report" that is currently available via the WebClient?  Specifically, I would like to:

  • call to WF with inputs (1) EntryID and (2) Trustee
  • return from WF true/false tokens on access rights, for example:
    • Trustee can READ Entry = TRUE
    • Trustee can WRITE METADATA on Entry = FALSE
    • etc.


Other than the Assign Rights task, I can't really find anything related (and that has no read or reporting function).  Thanks in advance to anyone with info or ideas.

Best regards, ..... Steven.


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replied on January 11

I don't believe there's anything built-in, but doing something similar with an SDK activity shouldn't be too difficult.  Entry.GetEffectiveRights is how you get a trustee's effective rights for an entry.

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