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No Records Found - Searching using default Weblink search box

asked on January 10 Show version history

Has anyone experienced error: "No Records Found" after performing a search in the default search field of Web link 10?(The actual search box that populates when you initially log in)

1. Log in

2. Type in record name and click search

3. Click the link referring to the record

4. Screen displays "No Record Found"


Laserfiche WebLink Version:

We are using IE 11

I don't have the same response when using Firefox, but IE is the browser standard for my company.

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replied on January 21

To make sure I understand it, after you ran the search WebLink showed you some results?  And you clicked on the result that you wanted, and then got the second screenshot?  One thing that's a little unclear, I'm not sure what page is shown in the second screenshot - the url is cut off and it doesn't look like any of the pages I'm familiar with.

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