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email service task in Forms 10.4

asked on January 8

I am new to Laserfiche and Forms and a technical user.  I'm working on a Laserfiche form in 10.4 and have two questions about adding an Email service Task to the form in the Process diagram.

The form is connected to an external data source.  Lookup rules have been defined that pulls a valid email address from the external data source and assigns it to a form variable.  Two questions:

1.  How do I use this variable as the "From" field in the email?  I keep getting "invalid email address".  It appears as if I cannot use a variable in the "From" field.  Is this true?

2.  How do I attach a static, nonchanging file (PDF) to the email?  Where do I copy the file to?  I am a Form admin but nothing else in our organization.

We will be using the form during customer interactions, and want to automatically send an email (with attachment) to a customer when the user confirms "Would you like us to send a brochure?" during the interaction and form completion.  We'd rather pull the user email from the external data source rather than have the user type it in.

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replied on January 8

The answer your first question, no, Forms cannot use a variable for the From address. Depending on how your email system is configured, there's a chance it would get blocked even if it could. For example, if you attempt to send "from" the email of the user who submitted the form, most email servers would view that as spoofing unless you made special rules to allow it.

To answer your second question, Forms only has access to variables associated with the business process, so you cannot set a static attachment. However, you might be able to do both of these things with a Workflow instead.

In Workflow, you can add an email service task, and under the advanced settings you can set a Token as the email address (be sure to select the correct SMTP server). It won't show the token menu, but if you enter a valid token for the sender address it will work.

For the static PDF, you could put it in a repository then use Find Entry to retrieve it based on the Entry ID, use Download Electronic File to get the PDF, then set the PDF as the attachment in the email activity.

In the workflow properties, check the box that says "Started by Laserfiche Forms" and add a Retrieve Business Process Variables to grab the form values. Then, you just call that workflow from inside of your Forms business process.

However, I must reiterate that depending on what email address your trying to send as, there's a chance it could be rejected by the email server (or servers if you're trying to send out) because Forms may not technically have rights to send on behalf of that user.


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replied on January 8

Correction to the last sentence:  "We'd rather use the user email in the FROM field rather than use the same email for all users of the form."

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