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Major Caution When Using the Cloud Migration Tool

asked on January 5, 2019

We recently migrated a DocStar system to Laserfiche Cloud using the Migration Tool.  And discovered to our dismay that it completely WIPES OUT any material stored in the cloud previously.  So, if you need to preserve existing data - and who does not - you have to briefcase the contents and then load it back in after the migration tool is finished.  The migration may take a while so plan accordingly.  For 200 GB it took about 30 hours, and the system may not be available for other uses during that time.

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replied on August 8, 2023 Show version history

Thanks for the warning Bill. Since it was written a few years ago, it raises the question about whether the tools has been improved to address that concern. Is the export-import still necessary to preserve existing content?

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replied on August 9, 2023

Yes, the migration utility still wipes out the existing data.  However, after this incident, Laserfiche added several messages that make it very clear that this is going to happen. So, you'll still need to preserve any data loaded in advance.


I do think the upload speed has been increased by quite a bit.

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replied on August 9, 2023

Thanks for the update. Making it clear in the UI that you're about to lose everything will prevent nasty surprises. So if I understand correctly, we would need to transfer one of our repositories, then briefcase everything into tiny briefcases holding less than 2GB each (the size limit to be able to import to LF Cloud, if I understand correctly) before migrating the next one.

We're currently self-hosted, with several repositories totaling several TB, so I anticipate this could be a tedious process.

I'm glad to hear that the tool can now migrate more than 6.7 GB per hour.

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replied on August 9, 2023

Sure thing.  For a system of the size you are talking about I would contact support to see if there are other options.  We have exported/uploaded briefcases that are significantly larger than 2 GB. In a current project, we have commonly uploaded briefcases in the 35-40 GB range, and one that was 125GB.

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replied on August 9, 2023

The limit on briefcase sizes has been removed. The documentation mentions it in error and we'll fix that.

Your solution provider can work with Support to offer some options for larger repositories.

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replied on August 10, 2023

Thanks for the update Miruna. In special cases, I can see huge value in being able to import large briefcases. I'm glad you were able to remove the restriction.

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