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Feature Request: Forms Equivalent of Invoke Workflow

posted on January 4 Show version history

I know I'm not the first to ask for something like this, but I couldn't find a post that fit exactly what I envisioned and I thought I'd describe a type of situation I've encountered many times now.

Something I would very much like to see is a Forms equivalent of the "Invoke Workflow" activity that can be used in the process diagram.

My use case is as follows, we have two different forms:

  1. Process A - "Building Access Agreement" form
  2. Process B - "Employee Change" form


Example 1 - Process A only

  • Opening a new building/facility. Several current employees need access, but they are not relocating so their information won't change.


Example 2 - Process B only

  • A mid-level promotion. Their information needs to be updated, but they're staying in the same office so there's no access change.


Example 3 - Both Process A and Process B 

  • Transfer to a new region. We need to update their information and have them sign the access agreement. This is where things get tricky.


Currently, there's no "easy" way to make Process B dependent upon an instance of Process A. We could create a copy of the form in Process B, or use workflows, wait conditions, external tables, etc., but either way, maintenance is unpleasant.


What would be extremely helpful is a new type of service task in Forms that could invoke a second business process with same kind of options you see with Invoke Workflow and Invoke Business Process in Workflow.

  • Set starting values for variables
  • A "Wait for invoked form/process to finish running" option
  • Receive output/result variables


The parent-child functionality in Workflow is something we rely on heavily with different workflows calling a shared child, others that can run either on triggers or when invoked by a parent; the list goes on.

There's obviously a lot to figure out for something like this, but based on what @████████ mentioned recently in this thread, it sounds like things might already be heading in a direction that would support this functionality.

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replied on March 8

Thanks for the feature idea. I've included this idea in our Forms feature ingestion portal for review.

As you noted at the bottom of the post, we are looking towards this direction. The concept would have forms separated out from the business process where forms would be used to collect data and processes could run, kick each other off, and pass data back and forth. 

Interesting use case, I'll include that in this user story. Generally the request for Forms processes starting other processes is more about one process requiring a bunch of others to start with some given data. The concept of waiting for another business process to complete (like you would a workflow) isn't as common. 

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