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How does Email Archive capture emails

asked on December 12, 2018

My client recently had the email archive portion of import agent installed and noticed that there doesn't seem to be an option to set connection settings for the email server it will be monitoring. After looking through the support site I found this description of the application:

"Email Archive runs as a Windows service that receives BCC emails automatically routed from your email server. The Email Archive service then parses and saves those emails as EML electronic documents in a Laserfiche repository based on an import profile. When processing emails, email archive may temporarily save copies of the emails in a SQLite database. "

But no further information is given on configuration that I could find. Based on that description, they just need to have it installed on the same server as the email server and it hooks in seamlessly? Thanks for any insight!

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replied on February 4, 2021 Show version history

Updating this old post to mention that the behavior of Email Archive in newer versions has now changed with the addition of the IMAP option. From the documentation

"Email Archive profiles use IMAP to periodically poll a monitored email folder for emails to send messages to Laserfiche. Your email server's settings can be used to determine which emails are moved to the monitored folder. Emails from that folder are then saved as EML electronic documents in a Laserfiche repository based on an import profile."

We strongly encourage those using the SMTP method to convert to IMAP. See here for more information on how to do this.  

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replied on December 12, 2018

Import Agent won't pull emails, it requires that you setup your email server to forward it messages that you want to archive.

The documentation will walk you through the required steps.

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replied on December 13, 2018

We are hosted by another provider for our email (godaddy) and they don't seem to have a provision for "sending" mail to an ip address;  unless I missed something.  Is there any way to make something like that work?    Are there any plans to be able to set it up to monitor an email box and pull emails,  like any other email client?   

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replied on December 13, 2018

I can't speak to their plans, but it may still be possible to make the current feature set work. GoDaddy appears to allow limited forwarding. You'd have to set up a separate domain and an MX record, and then make sure that SMTP traffic got routed to the Import Agent server.

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replied on December 17, 2018

So if I understand it,  the Email Archive Service essentially functions as its own SMTP mail server and should be treated as such from a domain hosting perspective?  Correct?  Once that is set up, and your mail server that has the ability to forward mail should be able to send to it, but it will need its own domain name (as opposed to our company domain name).  Does anyone know if gmail works with it any more efficiently?

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replied on March 20, 2019

Unless I am missing something, where are we supposed to have our email server forward messages to?

The way it reads is that the email archive service (based on whatever archive profiles and rules we set up) finds messages in our email server and stores them in the repository.

There isn't anything in the setup instructions that indicate what needs to be set up on the email server side (whichever email provider we use) to forward specific email to LF and furthermore, what email address they should be routed to.

The service description seems to indicate that it pulls specific emails off our mail server rather than the mail server pushing emails from a specific account to the archive service.

I just think the setup instructions are vague and need more detail.  We haven't been able to get it to work as of yet.

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replied on June 2, 2019

Agreed, have you been able to find anything else on this?

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replied on June 4, 2019

As Devin said above, the Email Archiving service does not pull messages on its own (" Email Archive runs as a Windows service that receives BCC emails automatically routed from your email server. ").

You have to configure your mail server to copy messages to it.

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