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Feature Request: Signature Upload in Forms

posted on December 11, 2018 Show version history


This may have been requested already, but some of our users have been requesting the ability to upload a signature image into Forms.

Currently, the only options for a saved signature include typing/styling a signature or drawing a signature.

In our organization, many of our users already have signature images that we use for things like stamps, and it would be more convenient if they could upload those images for consistency.

I imagine the tool could work something like common profile image upload tools that takes the uploaded image, highlight a predefined size/shape that will be automatically cropped, and allows the user to then scale/position it to fit their signature into target area.

See the screenshot below for a concept mock up.

Maybe include buttons to set the source image alignment with the target area (top, left, center, etc.) or other quick tools like fit width or fit height, reset size, and a scaling tool.

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replied on January 9, 2022

Any news about this feature request?

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replied on May 30, 2019

Myself and a number of clients would love this feature too

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replied on December 19, 2018

Thanks for the feature request. I've linked this post to a backlog item and we will look into it for a future release. 

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replied on December 12, 2018

Good idea Jason, just had a project dropped on my desk where the customer is looking for somethign similar. This seems to come into play more when the customer is using a desktop\laptop as opposed to a mobile device.

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