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Concatenating multiple field into one field. Leading zero drop?

asked on December 5, 2018 Show version history

Hello Everyone


I am concatenating 3 field into one field in Laserfiche Forms.


For example: 

Field1 = 1  Field2=03  Field3=9


I am expecting (concatenating) field4= 1039

But it drops 0 from 03  and field4 show 139


I tried adding "0", before Field2 (on concatenation formula)  Than it works for leading zero but not for 2 digit numbers. 


For Example:  if Field1=1 , Field2=11 , Field3=9

I am expecting Field4 = 1119


But it gives me 10119

How can I resove this issue.

Actual conct. sytex is:  "=CONCATENATE(AddNewRecord.NextProcess,"0",AddNewRecord.ReasonTCode,AddNewRecord.Doc_Type)"


Any direction on this would be appreciated.


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replied on December 6, 2018

Which version of Forms are you currently using?

There was a bug in previous versions that caused it to drop white spaces when using formulas, and this may be related to that issue.

I just tested a similar formula in 10.3.1 and it works as expected.




However, it looks like you're using a table or collection since you have the Variable.Field format, and that means you should be using the Index function.

If the fourth field is part of the same table, you can use ROW() and it will automatically use the row value of the field itself, or you can just put in a 1 if you only need one row.


Another thing to try is an IF condition that evaluates length, so IF the length of Field 2 = 1, you add the leading 0 back. The problem you're having now is that it is always adding the extra 0.

Try something like the following:

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replied on December 6, 2018

Hello Jason,


Thank you so much for the help.   Your syntax fix my issue,  I am grateful and thank you.

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