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Version 10.2/Full Client user - gets kicked out during sessions.

asked on December 5, 2018 Show version history

On going issue over a lengthy period of time where a Full Client user on v10.2 randomly gets kicked out in the middle of his sessions.  He uses a desktop scanner and within the past two weeks his old scanner was replaced with a brand new one and he's still having the same issue.  Will have a batch scanned and partially separated out in to his individual documents and may instantly be kicked out, that quick.  His thumbnails are retained however he loses any documents that he has already separated out leaving him back at square one with his original batch.   He will get 2 or 3 days tops with no issue and then it happens again...very sporadic and there is no rhyme or reason, no certain time of day that it's happening, etc.  This is very frustrating for him. 

Any thoughts for us...

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replied on December 6, 2018 Show version history

Is this happening after the LF client is left open overnight? If so, this might be a bug that is fixed in 10.2.1 update 2 (bug#36967). If that doesn't fix the problem, please open a support case so we can get trace logs to troubleshoot the problem.

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replied on December 6, 2018

The user is logging out of the Full Client every time.  Additionally, he restarts his computer every morning.

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