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Forms - Lookup failed to retrieve data from tables

posted on December 5, 2018

Normally when a lookup fails, it just falls back on the static values for the drop down.

In this case a customer is getting a message when trying to submit, "Lookup failed to retrieve data from tables".


Why is it not reverting back to the static values? Also does this mean they can never submit the form? How do we see which lookup or data is failing? Everything appears to be working correctly.

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replied on December 7, 2018

Was this working and then it stopped? If so, it could be that permissions have changed at the user or database level. Check the variables for what is being sent to the lookup. If it is sending a null value, it will return a null value because those are the results rather than the static initiating value.

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replied on December 7, 2018 Show version history

The customer says all the lookups are working, returning the values from the database. That is why I am looking to know which lookup the system is upset about, so that I can drill into that specific configuration. What happened to just using the static values when a lookup fails? Never heard of it preventing a submission.


Edit: Also it is worth noting that LF378 has not been documented yet and they are using the App, I am wondering if this error was just recently coded into the app store updates.

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replied on December 7, 2018

Hi Chad, Does the customer get the same error using Forms on a desktop machine or in the mobile browser as they do in the app?

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replied on December 10, 2018

Also, did you see any errors in the event log? This is sounding like a support call to Laserfiche. Best of luck with it!

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replied on June 29

Hi All,


Was this ever resolved?  I am getting the same issue.  

I have removed every piece of jquery to try and isolate the issue.  After 3-4 lookups, the above error happens and the "Page Expires" when I look on the event console.

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replied on July 12

I was working on this form again today, which causes this problem easily after re-running the lookup about 10 times.

After reproducing many times over, then removing an iframe from the form (which calls another form) I can not reproduce it at all. I bring the iframe back onto the form, and I can easily reproduce it after about 10 tries.

In addition to the error in the event log there is an error posted to the console saying the the /lookup service is returning 404.

Seems to be related to having references to outside forms pages inside your form.

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replied on July 13

Hi Chad,

That is interesting.  In my case, I am using in jquery to call another form url.  It is considered to be another "tab", but it still happens after submitting the second form about 3 times.


Any thoughts from Laserfiche on this?

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