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Generating Audit Trail Reports for RME

asked on December 5, 2018 Show version history

The Library of Virginia requires that any letter of destruction sent to them include the following information:


  • Schedule and Record Series Number
  • Records Series Title
  • Date Range (mo/yr)
  • Location
  • Volume (Size of File/Folder Destroyed)
  • Destruction Method


My understanding is that Laserfiche Audit Trail and its RME reporting features do not provide a way to capture a Record Series size before destruction. I understand the other means of gathering this information, but I am needing to generate a single report that is seamless for our departments use at an enterprise level. This report will be used for our Records Officers archives, and used as supporting documentation for what was destroyed. If audited, we need a Laserfiche report that displays the records/folders with all the Record Series information as well as the folder/records size. This should always match what was submitted to the Library of Virginia.


How have other localities in the State of Virginia managed this? Is this something Laserfiche plans to release for Audit Trail in the near future?



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replied on December 5, 2018

What about having a workflow run on the Record Series folder just prior to destruction that adds that data into fields.  Then, when the audit report runs, it can be made to show the additions to the fields just prior to destruction.  Are you keeping the metadata after destruction?  

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