asked on December 5, 2018

We are getting a long list of suspended tasks within our forms system.  Each one is an email task that is set to notify various named users of process completion...etc.  This has been ongoing for a few weeks now.  A few things changed in the recent past that could be attributing to our problems, but it's yet to be determined for sure.  Those are, we moved forms from one server to a new one.  We also switched which AD account it uses to connect to our domain controllers to pull information.  Everything appeared to be working fine for a week or so, but then the suspended email tasks started showing up.  After some looking I found that the event viewer shows that the error happened because there was no email address provided.  I was then led to look at the cf_users table, and sure enough none of our names users have an email listed.  When I look at LFDS every single named user has the email account listed, but for some reason the email isn't making it onto the cf_users table any longer.  I have worked with our support, and with my team here & we can't figure out why its not working and what to try next. 

I am hoping that someone out there has gone through a similar problem, and could possibly provide some insight.

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