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Office Online Server Integration Issue

asked on December 2, 2018



We are trying to apply integration between Web Client and Office Online Server to view and edit office documents online from WebAccess.


We installed and configured Office Online Server based on Microsoft's deployment guide in and verified that Office Online Server is installed and configured correctly by accessing the discovery URL http://servername/hosting/discovery which shows XML contents as expected.

But in web client it shows error when view or edit office documents.

We even applied the workaround on  but still same issue.

Any advice for what could be the issue in this case? Appreciate your help.

  • LF Server:
  • Web Client:
  • Office Online Server: 2016
  • OS Version: Windows Server 2012 R2
Office Online Server Issue - XLSX.png
Office Online Server Issue - DOCX.png
MyWACfarm.txt (5.99 KB)
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replied on December 12, 2018

Any advice or hint?

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replied on December 12, 2018

Hi Abdellah,


Sounds like you need to dig a bit deeper to find the cause and solution to this. If this is an issue then it's probably best to raise a support case rather than posting on answers. There is no guaranteed response on answers, whereas you will get support directly from Laserfiche on a support case.


Please post the solution back here when you resolve the issue.

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replied on December 13, 2018

Thanks Chris,


I'll try with Laserfiche support and will update this thread once I get solution.

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replied on February 22, 2019

Hi Abdellah, could you please help me with your update to the case if you did found a solution and if that was so with the procedure you followed to make the integration worked...¿?

Thanks for your help!

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replied on March 8, 2021

Hi Robinson, Abdellah,


Is this issue with two web servers? if yes were there any fix for this issue provided by Laserfiche on the support case?

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replied on March 8, 2021

I don't see that a support case was opened for this issue so I can't say what the root cause was here. But of the support cases I've seen recently, most of them are related to incorrect https configurations. Either not using https for both servers, using a hostname for a server that doesn't match the certificate (including not using the fqdn), or clients not trusting the certificate.

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replied on March 16, 2021

That KB only applies to 10.2.1.

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