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More Efficient Search Logic

asked on November 8, 2018

Good Morning,


I have a search routine that has to search for documents in a specific folder (or subfolders), but exclude specific subfolders. 


Let's say this is my search…I want to find everything with the following criteria:

  • Field name "Case #" on Template name "Template1" contains the case number
  • Document was created between 2 dates
  • Document is in "ROOT\Folder 1" (or subfolders), but not in subfolders A, D, G, N, R or W


This is what my search logic would be:


({[Template1]:[Case #]="%(CaseNumber)"} &

{LF:Name="*", Type="DB"} &

{LF:Created>="%(SearchStartDate)", Created<="%(SearchEndDate)"} &

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1"})

- ({LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder A"} |

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder D"} |

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder G"} |

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder N"} |

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder R"} |

{LF:LOOKIN="ROOT\Folder 1\Folder W"})


What I find, however is this search takes a while to complete (30 seconds to 2 minutes).  This is after a LF reindex and SQL index re-creation, so I know it's not a back end issue, as other searches run significantly faster.  The result set is not a large number of documents.  Often 10 or less.

Is there a more optimal way to do this?



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replied on November 8, 2018

Hi Jason,


Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of Laserfiche? (10.3.1 Update 2)

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replied on November 8, 2018

Hi Chris,


This client is currently on 9.2.1.  We are in the process of planning their 10.3.1 migration currently.  This will hopefully happen within the next 30 days.  Is there an optimization in the way the search logic is processed in 10.3.1 update 2?

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replied on November 9, 2018 Show version history

(Edit: Just saw that you're still on 9.2. The suggestion below only works for 10.2.1 and later).

Are there a lot of entries in the folders you're searching? If so, you could try this

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