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[FEATURE] Web Client - Custom Tab Behaviour

posted on November 7, 2018

We've been using Custom Tabs in the Web Client quite a lot lately and it's proving to be very popular with clients. We have lots of great use cases - showing dynamic info from web-apps, kicking off and completing Forms processes, using dynamic embedded map APIs and so on.

However, the behaviour isn't quite what we're looking for when it comes to showing/hiding the tabs.

It seems that you can hide the tabs from specific users/groups, and that works well.

But when you create a Custom Tab and enable the 'Only Display in Specific Folders' checkbox the expected behaviour should be that the tab hides when you aren't in that folder or its subfolders.

i.e. by setting this:

... you'd expect the Tab to never show unless you were in the '4. Property Inspections' folder.

Instead, that always displays in every folder... but you just get this message if you try to view the tab:


Is there currently a way to literally hide the tab altogether unless you're in the specified folder/subfolders?

If not - could this please be added to the feature list for a coming release.


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replied on May 6

Was this ever addressed? I am still seeing the same custom tab behavior in LF 11.

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replied on December 3, 2018

I'd also like support this feature request.  We'd like to have tabs only show up when the document is in a specific folder.  We have many users that are only one part of the process yet they see all the tabs.

So if its in the invoice folder, they see the invoice tab.  If its in the PO folder they see the PO tab.  Users having to change tabs depending on what step they are on or if they happen to be part of multiple steps can get confusing.  

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replied on November 8, 2018

Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure the UX team sees it.  The general rule we have for UI elements in Web Access is that they shouldn't appear and disappear.  So if a user has access to a feature in some circumstances, the button (or tab, or menu item, or whatever) will be enabled or disabled as appropriate, but it will always be present.  The idea is to keep the layout consistent so clicking in the same location on a toolbar or menu always has the same affect, and also to avoid the mystery of why a particular button or tab is sometimes "missing".

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replied on November 8, 2018 Show version history

Hi Brian, thanks for the feedback. In other cases, with different functionality, I'd completely agree. But with this functionality we can see use cases where an organisation may want 2-3 custom tabs per department.

e.g. Finance have several tabs with forms from which they can launch queries/tasks against an invoice, an iframe from a finance system with other info about the client, and a summary cash position from a BI tool. Property has tabs with maps, asset info, and forms to launch maintenance tasks. HR has a LinkedIn API for candidate info, an iframe from their HR system and a Form to launch various staff related tasks.

Before you know it there could be 7-9 really useful custom tabs for an entire organisation, but 4-6 of those might be redundant (and empty) for each user.  So it would be great to be able to hide the redundant ones altogether from those users.

Thanks for looking into it!


EDIT: I just thought I'd say that we appreciate this could be done by security groups (based on department) and that would work some of the time; but that other times it wouldn't meet the use-case requirements, and showing/hiding by folder would be more useful.

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replied on December 3, 2018

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "but 4-6 of those might be redundant (and empty) for each user".  You can control access to the tabs on a per user basis so that each user only sees what is relevant to them.  That's exactly the type of scenario where our guidelines say it's ok to hide the feature from a user.

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replied on December 3, 2018

Hi Brian,

Yes I probably wasn't clear enough around the 'user' part. As mentioned we are aware you can hide a the tab altogether from users/groups. However, in most scenarios we're discussing, most users will need access to several different tabs across the repository, with one or some of those tabs 'relevant' to where they happen to be navigating. The other tabs (which could be quite a few) won't be relevant to that area and so it would be far more elegant if these could be hidden altogether.

At the moment if I am enabled to see a tab, then that tab will be visible in every folder no matter what rules I set for 'only show in X folder'. What would be great is if it respects both rules - so these combos should be possible:

  • Show X Tab in all folders, for all users
  • Show X Tab in all folders, only for Z users
  • Show X Tab only in Y folder(s), for all users
  • Show X Tab only in Y folder(s), only for Z users



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replied on December 10, 2018

Also, the checkboxes for Location: Folder Browser and Document Viewer simply dont work.  You have to have both checks for it to show in the document viewer.  If you just want it to be in the viewer (which we do) it also has to be in the folder.

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